S2180 Ergo 5

S2180 Ergo 5


The S2180 Ergo 5 is the first vortex 5 gallon paint mixer to present an enhanced ergonomic design that is normally attributed to gyroscopic mixers. It’s designed specifically to reduce operator strain typically associated with loading and unloading heavy 5 gallon pails. There are several features that make this blender unique…

Easy operation

  • Simply open the door and load or unload
  • Opening and closing is a cinch ➔ Bucket positions itself upright
  • Reduces operator strain ➔ Stainless steel platform with built in rollers
  • No thrown or jammed cans ➔ latching system secures a 5 gallon pail


  • Low cost of ownership
  • No belt adjustments ➔ fiber reinforced synchronous belts
  • No lubrication or cleaning ➔ lifetime-sealed bearings
  • Eliminates problems due to dust, dirt and humidity ➔ fully enclosed motors are spill proof

Specifications subject to change without notice


Mixing motion

Load capacity
Up to 80 lbs

Container size accommodation
5 gallon, gallon (with adapter)

Maximum cycle time
Five minutes

Can adapter


W 28” x D 28” x H 42” / 300 lbs

Required power supply
110 Volt 60 Hz

*Specifications subject to change without notice

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