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The only "Design Ready" Zero VOC compatible machines in North America

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HERO is now a Gennex and Color Preview Supplier for US & CANADA. The 3 approved automatic dispenser models are:
*A310-16 *A360-16 *A450-16

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CTF - Fixed Dispense Head System

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CTF - Fixed Dispense Head System

CTF – (Color-Tech-Fixed) – Fixed Dispense Head System

Gravimetric System with Fixed Dosing Head.

For producing and tinting in the Factory any product, in as many components as needed, with high productivity and precision, in medium and large containers, from the 20 kg pails to the large batches of 3.000 Kg and more.

Specifications subject to change without notice


CTF - Fixed Dispense Head System

Sequential by weight

Number of circuits
No limits, depending on the container's diameter

Max flow-rate
50 l/min (with ¾" valves and 1" pumps) (*)

+/- 0,1 g (**)

Dosing head
Fixed dosing head

Available in different sizes: ¾" or 1 ½ ". With double concentric shutter with re-cycle. Valves normally closed.

Valves actuator
One with double pneumatic cylinder for each valve.

Pneumatic double membrane of: 1/2", 1", 1 ½" e 2"
Electric gears
Electric cave disk
Pneumatic piston

From 20 Kg to 3.000 Kg, depending on the number of circuits

Storage tanks
Industrial drum
Palletized cube
Palletized tank
Fixed storage tanks with custom size

Tank agitation
Only through re-circulation
High-speed agitator with propeller for low-viscosity products
Low-speed agitator with propeller for high-viscosity products

Levels handling
Mathematic handling
Minimum and maximum level controls
Continuous level sensors

Can handling
Manual elevator
Automatic elevator
Motorized roller-conveyor

Available upon request

Electronic scale
Depending on the requirements in terms of maximum load and precision. Possibility to install multiple scales, to optimize the precisions on scales even very different (35 - 600 - 1500 - 3000 Kg). Available also in explosion-proof version.

Personal Computer

(*) Data depending on the viscosity of the colorants.
(**) Data depending on the viscosity of the colorants and on the precision of the electronic scale.

Specifications subject to change without notice


CTF - Fixed Dispense Head System

TintWise™ Software

Point of Sale Dispense and Utilities Software

All of our automatic dispensers come complete with HERO's latest version of TintWise™ dispense and machine utilities software. This state of the art Windows color formula software is specifically designed for point-of-sale custom color dispensing. It performs a large list of functions including; product look up, can-size specification, user security, label printing, color database management, and custom formula generation. The utilities area also offers simple to use machine calibration, colorant level visualization, and warning level settings for re-filling, agitation, service intervals, and purging. This software is also compatible with most common brands of spectrophotometer and color matching software so you can operate your dispenser seamlessly with these programs. A bar code reader can also be interfaced if required. In addition, the user interface can be customized with your Company logo.

HERO also offers precision laboratory software specially designed for lab technicians and service teams to facilitate database development, preparation and formula book updating.


Specifications subject to change without notice


CTF - Fixed Dispense Head System

Specifications subject to change without notice


CTF - Fixed Dispense Head System