HERO is still open and operating at full capacity, undertaking all precautionary measures to take care of any of your technical service, parts or new equipment needs. We are here to assist you during this time of uncertainty.

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The only "Design Ready" Zero VOC compatible machines in North America

Benjamin Moore
HERO is now a Gennex and Color Preview Supplier for US & CANADA. The 3 approved automatic dispenser models are:
*A310-16 *A360-16 *A450-16

Preparing your HERO Automatic and Manual Dispensers for a Prolonged Period of Inactivity Instructions due to COVID-19 Business Closure
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In response to users' demand and market trends for more efficient POS paint equipment, HERO Products Group has added the A300 Series Automatic Dispenser and the S2650 5G Automatic Platform Shaker


A300 Series Automatic Dispenser line incorporates practicality enhancements and smoother ergonomic design, the A300 Series has been specially designed for low-medium volume paint POS that requires accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in a limited space.  A300 Series provides a superior use of space thanks to the robust new frame and optimized design, combined with the already proven accuracy, repeatability and reliability of HERO’s PCP (Progressive Cavity Pump) technology making the A300 Series a high performance and efficient automatic dispenser With a maximum dispense of 80 oz/minute and hybrid feature that allows you to add max flow pumps to your most used colorants. The new S2650 5G (5 gallon) automatic shaker is a quiet, sturdy and reliable gallon shaker with a small footprint especially designed for a variety of mixing environment capable of mixing a variety of containers, shapes, and sizes.  It incorporates vibrational technology with a clamping system that thoroughly mixes from ½ pint to a 5 gallon container, in between, customer will also be able to mix 1, 2, 3 or 4 gallon cans or a case of 4 gallons.



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