The D series manual dispenser provides high value and performance as well as a long history of quality and reliability in the market as one of the best selling manual dispensers in the world.

Available in configurations up to 16 canisters in rotary format, it can be used with universal, zero and low VOC as well as solvent based colorants.

• Micro-Gauge® for optimized management of fractional dispenses
• Accu-Purge® guarantees good results in all levels of dispensing
• Preprogramed electrical colorant agitation
• Available in countertop or floor stand versions
• Graduated gauges available with different units of measurement



Dispensing system
Volumetric manual

Number of canisters
Up to 16

Canister capacity
2.5 qt

Canister material
Polymer nylon

Pump capacity
7 oz

Minimum dispense quantity
1/192 oz *

Unit of measurement
US oz. / US Metric oz. / ml / US Imperial oz. / Imperial oz.

Can positioning
Manual shelf

Electrical requirement
110/220 V 50/60 Hz

*data influenced by fluid properties

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