A860 Eureka™ - High Volume Simultaneous Tinting

A860 Eureka™ – Simultaneous


A860 Eureka™ – High Volume Simultaneous Colorant Dispenser

The A860 Eureka™ incorporates HERO’s patented High Flow (HF) Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) dispensing technology. This innovative and revolutionary pump design allows HERO to offer the first truly low maintenance automatic colorant dispenser, combined with the high speed throughput required by busy operations. In fact, we believe it offers the lowest cost of ownership available on the market today. The A860 Eureka™ incorporates this PCP technology into its unique cartridge design pump which allows for quick, clean and simple replacement. In addition, the A860 Eureka™ further reduces yearly maintenance costs as it does not suffer calibration drift like other competing technologies.

Thanks to this technology’s ability to reverse the flow of colorant through the pump, HERO has also solved the problem of colorant drying in the nozzle. This feature is referred to as pull back. At the end of each dispense, the pump reverses rotation “pulling” back the colorant inside the nozzles. This minimizes contact of colorant with air.

The A860 Eureka™ dispenses up to four colorants simultaneously and offers precision unmatched by its rivals. On average dispenses, the accuracy is within +/-1%.   Yes, this unit is so precise it can be used to tint sample color testers!


  • Unbeatable precision and productivity (better than a gear pump system)
  • Unmatched durability and low maintenance cost (similar to a piston pump system)
  • Simple to repair – a complete dispense circuit can be replaced in less than 15 minutes without the need for special tools or training
  • Drift free calibration
  • Simple to use
  • Unbeatable quality/price ratio
  • Simultaneous dispense of up to 4 colorants at once – up to 80 ounces per minute!
  • New cartridge pumps for quick and clean pump replacement


  • Eliminates cost of repeated calibrations and repairs for which other technologies require a service technician
  • Capable of dispensing difficult products
  • Colorant drying in the nozzles will be a thing of the past
  • Improved durability and pump life compared to gear drive units


  • Sliding shelf for computer, keyboard, LCD screen and accessories
  • Refill threshold is ideal for staff of any height

*Specifications subject to change without notice


Dispense system
Volumetric simultaneous

Number of circuits
Up to 16

Dispense technology
Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP)

Water-based or universal colorants

Canister sizes
16 canisters model – 12 x 3.7 qt. (3.5 l) + 4 x 5.1 qt. (4.8 l)

Maximum flow rate
Up to 4 circuits x 20 oz/min. (0.6 l/min.) = 80 oz/min. (2.4 l/min.) (colorant dependent)

Average accuracy
+/-1% (colorant dependent)

Minimum dispense quantity
1/768 oz (colorant dependent)

Nozzle capping system
Fully automatic humidifier cap

Bunghole locator
Laser cross-hairs

Can handling
Electrically powered can shelf

16 canisters model – W 37” x D 33” x H 49”

Shipping dimensions & weight
16 canisters model – W 39” x D 35” x H 54” / 570 lbs

Required input power
110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz

Computer, label printer and bar code reader
Roller conveyor for 5-gl pails with flip-down qt/gl shelf

*Specifications subject to change without notice

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