TintWise™ POS is the main software used by all HERO automatic tinting machines. TintWise™ POS has become a core HERO product and is recognized in the global market as one of the best applications for point of sale:

  • Designed and developed 100% by HERO.
  • Included with every tinting machine.
  • Customizable for all your needs.
  • Simple and intuitive

Key features:

Formula database management

  • Quick and easy-to-use formula selection and dispensing.
  • Detailed price management with markup, VAT, and discount calculation.
  • Create and store custom formulas.

Label printing

  • Label template customization.

User login management

  • Define login levels and permissions.

Report management

  • Automatically produce reports on colorant usage.
  • Report selection to replicate formulas.

Usage statistics

  • Keep track of colorant consumption.
  • Export statistics in multiple formats.

Configuration export and backup

  • Exports software configuration for easy recovery.
  • Allows for easy migration to another system.
  • Can be used to speed up initial setup of other dispensers¬†with similar characteristics.

Dispenser management


  • Manage available can sizes, pump calibration, maintenance and dispenses, optimized for the model of dispenser.


TintWise™ LAB is a formula book development system created by HERO to streamline the process of updating formula database versions, and adding/removing new formulas and products.


  • Maintains the formula book version history so that previous formula book releases may be reviewed.
  • Exports formula book updates as simple installation files to make it easier for TintWise™ POS users to use them.
  • Remote updates to optimize large deployments.
  • Create and modify individual formulas manually or bulk import formula data.
  • Standard import consists of entering data into a Microsoft Excel file and importing the data with TintWise™ LAB.
  • HERO can work with your particular needs to enable the software to import data from any file format, a feature much appreciated because it makes importing new data from existing formats versatile and easy to use.

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