HERO designs and manufactures in-plant dispensing and mixing equipment for both in can and batch applications upon request from clients. The products are designed specific for each application and meet the needs of small and medium sized production operations .


• Sequential gravimetric dispensing moving dispense head
• Extremely flexible use
• Dispensing available in any can or batch sizes
• Great performance in a small space
• Can be integrated into automated production lines
• Option for multiple scales in can or batch dosing
• Customizable layout based upon space constraints
• Can be used in various applications including colorant, ink and others


Sequential gravimetric

Number of circuits
Up to 26 per dispense head

Flow rate
Up to 20 (*)

+/- 0.1 g (*)

Dispense head

  • Mobile head with valves positioned in an arc
  • Valves on two concentric radii
  • Automatic positioning by the rotation of the head
  • High positioning speed

Dispensing valves
3/4” or 1-1/2” with double concentric shut-off and re-circulation

Valve actuator
Triple pneumatic cylinder provides eight opening positions per valve to control flow rate

Available pumps types

  • Pneumatic diaphragm with double membrane
  • Electric with double membrane
  • Electric progressive cavity
  • Electric gear

Dispensing containers
From 1 kg to 3000 kg

Colorant storage options

  • 200 L drums
  • Palletized IBC totes
  • INOX tanks
  • Interface with existing tanks
  • Custom covers with integrated suction and re-circulation
  • Level sensors and agitation system available on request


  • According to process requirements for accuracy and precision
  • Possibility of multiple scales to optimize the precision over different ranges (35-600-1500-3000 kg).
  • Available both in standard and ATEX versions 

*(data influenced by the viscosity of the products and by the precision of the scale)