S2160M XHD

S2160M XHD


5 Gallon heavy duty vortex mixer

The S2160 provides a specialized mixing motion for 5-gallon pails and can accommodate loads of up to 80 pounds safely and effectively.

With a tough, maintenance-free design and high quality components, the S2160 is built to last. Thanks to a reliable no-slip gear drive, its mixing performance never degrades. The S2160 is easy to use with a small footprint, and best of all, it provides long lasting performance. The S2160 uses a time-proven mixing motion that quickly blends everything from latex to stucco.


  • Sturdy and balanced design that minimizes wear and improves durability
  • Fully-enclosed motors are spill-proof and eliminate problems caused by dust, dirt and humidity
  • Maintenance free, lifetime sealed, bearings never need lubrication or cleaning
  • Maintenance free, fiber-reinforced synchronous
  • Synthetic gears resist wear and paint spills
  • No clamping required
  • Simple user friendly controls

Specifications subject to change without notice


Mixing motion

Load capacity
Up to 80 lbs

Container size accommodation
5 gallon, gallon (with adapter)

Maximum cycle time
Five minutes

Can adapter


W 30” x D 37” x H 42” / 425 lbs

Required power supply
110/220 Volt 50/60 Hz

*Specifications subject to change without notice

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