TintWise_POS™ | TintWise_LAB™


TintWise_POS™ – Dispense Software

All of our automatic dispensers come complete with HERO’s latest version of TintWise™ dispense and machine utilities software. This state of the art Windows XP color formula software is specifically designed for point-of-sale custom color dispensing. It performs a large list of functions including; product look up, can-size specification, user security, label printing, color database management, and custom formula generation. The utilities area also offers simple to use machine calibration, colorant level visualization, and warning level settings for re-filling, agitation, service intervals, and purging. This software is also compatible with most common brands of spectrophotometer and color matching software so you can operate your dispenser seamlessly with these programs. A bar code reader can also be interfaced if required. In addition, the user interface can be customized with your Company logo.

Main functions

  • Selection of the product,
  • Selection of the can-size
  • Selection of the colour formula
  • Volumetric dosing
  • Gravimetric dosing
  • Modification of existing formulas
  • Creation and saving of new formulas
  • Customers’ colours search
  • Colorants level visualization and refilling
  • Receiving formulas from a spectrophotometer or other programs
  • Re-calculation of the formula based on the can-size
  • Calculation of the price of the coloured paint
  • Printing of labels
  • Check-up of the electro-mechanical components
  • Recording and visualization of the list of technical service interventions on the machine
  • Customization of the user interface with the Company logo

Specifications subject to change without notice

TintWise_LAB™- Lab formulation

This is precision laboratory software specially designed for lab technicians and service teams to facilitate database development, preparation and formula book updating

Main functions

  • Preparing the formula database
  • Up-dating the formula database

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